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Firefly protection project -The water quality inspection-


On June 15th 2010, we conducted a water quality inspection of the brook on the west side of Osato laboratory Inc..

Inspection items are BOD, COD, DO and pH.
When we took the samplings of the water, it was almost clear and odorless.The result of pH-test was 6-7, which means neutral.
According to the certificate of analysis of Gifu Research Center for Public Health, the water contains less than BOD0.5mg/L, COD1.7mg/L and DO9.5mg/L. It shows that the brook is conserved as AA level beautiful environment by the water quality standard of the Ministry of the Environment.
We could see a few fireflies flying around at night.

We took the samplings of the water,
hoping a good result.

The pH test shows the water is neutral.
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