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Collaboration with Prince Hotel Yakebitaiyama Ski Resort


Powerful Pisten Bully!

Immun' Âge is loved by many professional athletes all over the world, including Aston Martin Racing.
Ski patrol members as well as staff for the Pistens at Prince Hotel are working in their uniforms with Immun' Âge logo again this year.
The pistens can be seen every Saturday and Sunday first in the afternoon.
Immun' Âge logo can be seen in the back cover of the Ski Resort Map.
If you go to Mt. Yakebitai / Shiga-kogen Ski Resort, please find Immun' Âge logo there!

At the reception desk of East Wing of Shiga-Kogen Prince Hotel,
Immun' Âge Starter is now available.
It is a product loved by Aston Martin Racing drivers who show us
excellent performance at Le Mans and Nurburgring and sells only at this hotel in Japan.

Map of Prince Hotel Yakebitaiyama Ski Resort

Immun' Âge logo on the pisten bully
Different type of powerfulness from Aston Martin Racing Cars.

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