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Firefly protection project -Cleaning the brook-


All the employees of Osato laboratory Ltd. cleaned the brook on 26th May 2010.

We cleaned the brook which runs about 500 meters north and south on the west side of Osato laboratory Ltd..
Although this cleaning is done every month, a garbage bag becomes full every time.
We usually find a lot of cigarette butts, empty goody bags, caps of PET bottles and so on.
We found a discarded old umbrella during today's cleaning.We feel good about our accomplishment at the end of every cleaning, however, at the same time we feel pity because it is possible to keep the beautiful brook if nobody throws away their trash here.

It was the second cleaning for new employees who joined us this April.
One of them said with her smile, "It does not have a direct relation with my job to clean this brook. But I feel good about the fact we can keep our environment clean because we live here."

We pick up trash carefully
from the bottom of the brook.

Let's cooperate and clear the mess!

This is still less than usual.

We sort out the trash for separate collection.
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