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Charity bicycle races


It was held by a French press club

L'A tout Sport is an annual bicycle charity race for childhood cancer held in France by the press club whose representative is Mr. Jean-Claude Bourret Bullet, a French leading journalist with the support of Prof. Phillippe of the Childhood cancer center of Lyon University.

Every year many journalists participate in this race as volunteers and we have been supporting it since 2004.

It is the thirteenth race in 2009 and it is getting more popular every year.

We provide all the participants Immun'Age to help their health management and get good reputation from them that it helps them to recover from physical fatigue.  

All the money raised by this charity race were donated to the Childhood cancer center of Lyon University.  Osato International, Inc will continue to contribute to society with such charity activities. 


チャリティ自転車レース チャリティ自転車レース チャリティ自転車レース


チャリティ自転車レース チャリティ自転車レース チャリティ自転車レース


チャリティ自転車レース チャリティ自転車レース チャリティ自転車レース
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