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The Lord Wakefield Trophy2010


Alice Powell, who the Osato Research Institute has been supporting with scholarships, received the Lord Wakefield Trophy 2010.
This award is for the best female driver of 2010 in the Motorsport World! In 2001, AIice became the first female to win a Formula Renault BARC Championship, and expected to perform even better this year as well.

The Lord Wakefield Trophy, which was first presented to the Women's Automobile Sports Association (WASA) in 1929, by Lord Wakefield, was handed over to the British Women's Racing Drivers' Club (BWRDC) after its creation in 1962 by Mary Wheeler MBE. It is now acknowledged as the club's premier award with previous recipients including Divina Galica, Susie Stoddart, Amanda Whitaker, Rachel Green, the late Pat Moss-Carlsson, Michelle Mouton, Louise Aitken-Walker and Jutta Kleinschmidt, Sarah Moore.

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