OSATO INTERNATIONAL -パパイヤ発酵食品 Immun'Age(イミュナージュ)-



Papaya tree loaded with fruits

In this cold winter, the papayas in the greenhouse turned yellow.

It was very exotic atmosphere to have so many papayas on the tree.

Two of them seemed to be fully-ripened and about to fall.  


We were wondering if they were just yellow or actually ripened.

It was hard to decide the best time for harvest, but anyway it's worth trying. 


When I took them in hand, they were quite soft and smelled very good!?


We thought that maybe we chose the best timing! 

We couldn't wait to try them but had to take a picture first!!!


When we first cut them half, they are shiny and look so juicy and delicious.

It was definitely a perfect timing of harvest. We all praised the taste and enjoyed them fully.  

It was a lovely gift from the papaya tree which received the blessing of the sun.

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