OSATO INTERNATIONAL -パパイヤ発酵食品 Immun'Age(イミュナージュ)-

Grapevine field


It's not merely a dream to open a winery !?

We are near the end of August, but it's still very hot in the Osato Laboratory garden.
It has been subjected to temperature exceeding 35℃, the grapevine looks a little tired.


However, the fruits of the grapes are ripe for the long-waited harvest.


We could harvest many big bunches of
Chardonnay and Pinot Noir this year.

Next year, we will start growing types of grapes for wines on a full scale,
backed up by the Ono-town.

We will update the information in due course.

grape-021.JPG grape-024.JPG

Do you know that the grapes for wine taste good eaten as-is!!!


Each single grape is harvested entirely by hand.


The freshly-picked grapes look so pretty in a basket.
After taking the photo, all the members of Osato Laboratory enjoyed the taste of them.
The Pinot Noir tasted rich and sweet with a bit of accent in it.
The Chardonnay was sweet and mild both in taste and texture.
We were so satisfied with the harvest.

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