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David Redor has managed running not 52 but 100 marathons within a year.


What an incredible achievement!
David Redor: 52nd marathon of his incredible 2016 challenge with Immun'Âge- A marathon that should have been the last but wasn't!

52 marathons in 52 weeks in the 50 states, plus Washington D.C. and the Bahamas: This was the challenge that David Redor - -Crazy Dave- had set himself for 2016. And on December 17, 2016, he completed his challenge!
The 52nd marathon in Little Rock, AK was supposed to be the last of his 2016 challenge, but it wasn't... In September 2016, while he was running the marathons of his initial Challenge, Redor thought that taking Immun'Âge might allow him to run more marathons. And he started running "extra marathons", as he called them, with 100 marathons within a year in mind. On December 31, 2016, after having run one marathon a day during the last weeks of the year, his 100-marathon-challenge was also completed!

David Redor has managed an amazing feat by running not 52 but 100 marathons within a year!


Endowed with extraordinary physical and psychological abilities, David Redor was able to manage - for a full year - all difficulties that come with long distance running, such as terrible weather conditions, dehydration, and many more. Never failing, he was able to avoid getting hurt or worn-out. Despite the very many trips that he had to take to get to each of the 50 states after each race, he never lost energy and completed both challenges in great shape, ready for new adventures.
After the challenge, he expressed his thanks to Dr. Mantello, the ORI director:
I would like to thank Pierre MANTELLO for his sponsorship and huge contribution to my challenge. Many thanks for introducing me to his extraordinary product Immun'Âge®. Without Pierre, and without the properties of his fermented papaya dietary supplement, this challenge would have certainly been way more difficult.

Below are some interesting facts and numbers regarding the 100 marathons that David Redor ran in 362 days:
• 2,621.8 race miles, i.e. 4,500,000 strides (40 years of marathons for a reasonable runner!)
• 6 pairs of running shoes
• 26.6 lbs. lost
• 1,130 packets of Immun'Âge® (Fermented Papaya Preparation)
• Some 80 gallons of Gatorade while racing
• Biggest difference in elevation change while ascending: Manitou Springs-Pikes Peak Summit (CO) 6,358 ft-14,114 ft.
• Biggest difference in elevation change while descending: Madison-Enny (MT) 8,599 ft-4,941 ft.
• 1 marathon run in underwear (suitcase was lost)!
• 1 lost suitcase
• 1 bag forgotten in a plane
• 125 flights
• 97,413 miles traveled by plane
• 11 airlines: American, United, Delta, JetBlue, Frontier, Southwest, Westjet, Suncountry, Alaska, Ravn, Hawaiian
• 8 trains
• 625 miles traveled by train
• 5 long distance buses
• 693 miles traveled by bus
• 36 rental cars
• 12,762 miles traveled by car
• Stopped twice by the police: one for speeding, once for driving without headlights. (I did not receive any ticket and offered a signed David Redor postcard to the officers.)
• 1 saved deer! (He was stuck in a fence.)
• 49 Airbnb rentals
• 35 hotels

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