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Osato Laboratory Inc. Social Activity and approach of ISO14001 Firefly
Protection Project


The firefly protection project of Osato International Inc. has been going on since 2010.
The season in which we can see the result of the project has come again.

This year, it is quite colder than the other years.
On June 3, 2012, we could observe several lights of fireflies.
Maybe due to the low temperature, it seemed that they were flying only for a short time.

Fire Fly 01.JPG

On February 7, we received larvae of firefly from the "Ono Association for Firefly Town" and released them around the upper part of the brook.
Because of this, we could observe more fireflies around there.

We have continued to clean the brook every month with firefly protection project.
I hope that it also helped the larvae to grow and fly in this area.

Fire Fly 02.JPG

We could observe the light of fireflies for about twenty days this year.
During these days, we could watch about 30 fireflies flying in the wide range of areas along the brook.
We would continue this project so that we will be able to enjoy such fantastic scenery.

Fire Fly 03.JPG

We would like to continue to protect the environment where more fireflies can live.

Fire Fly 04.JPG

Love confession of fireflies!?
It's romantic, isn't it?

Fire Fly 05.JPG

The fireflies were flying slowly over the bush.

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