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Firefly larvae coming on shore!!


It has been getting warm these days. Recently, we were asked if it is Ok for the "Ono Association for Firefly Town" to place 2 signboards of Fireflies along the brook which we clean regularly to protect environment for fireflies as our social activity.


We have been able to see fireflies along the brook every year since we started cleaning it and we think our effort with firefly protection project is highly evaluated. 

On April 20th, we just walked along the brook to check the freshly built "Firefly" signboards. It was still a little chilly at night, but we could observe firefly larvae coming on shore in closeup.  It was so beautiful to see the faint lights coming from the firefly larvae that it made me forget about the cold rain.


We could observe about 20 lights of firefly larvae while walking along the brook. They will start flying as beautiful fireflies after approximately 40-day pupa stage. 

2014-002.JPG "Ono Association for Firefly Town" is written
on the back of the signboard.
2014-004.JPG Firefly larva with shining bottom

2014-005.JPGFirefly larva moves slowly, at the speed of a
few centimeters per minutes. 
2014-006.JPG  It is just a small stone, but a huge obstacle
for a tiny larva.
It is almost at the place where it can make
cocoon. Keep on moving!!! 
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