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Emergency Message for Foreign customers


Thank you for your telephone calls and e-mail messages to worry about us in Japan. We appreciate your warm sympathy and let us explain the current situation.
First of all, please check the map of Japan. OSATO INTERNATIOANL INC. and OSATO LABORATORY INC. are located in Gifu and the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) Nuclear Power Plants are in Fukushima. The distance between our factory and the TEPCO Nuclear Power Plants in problem is about 700km via train and there is over 3000-meter high mountains called Japan Alps in the middle

Fortunately, we have not been affected by the earthquake and tsunami at all. All the employees and facilities are OK, and we have been operating as usual.
I think that your biggest concern is the radioactive pollution. In this context, I am pleased to say that Gifu prefecture measures radiation every day and that the measured level is within usual or normal value. Below is the latest official report showing radioactivity in Gifu. (The measurement point, Kakamuhara, is about 30km from our factory.)
The range of past usual figures in Gifu is 0.057-0.11 uSvh. Since the day of a hydrogen explosion on March 14, 2011 at the Nuclear Power Plants in Fukushima, the environmental radioactivity level in Gifu remains the same at 0.06μSv/h.

Reported by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Besides, we use the papaya imported from the USA, which is subject to inspection by the US Dept. of Agriculture for every piece and the fermentation process of FPP takes at least 12 months. It means that all the materials and FPP, with which we produce final products, have been kept under control in our factory for more than 12 months. We are very certain that these materials are by no means affected by radiation.
In this website, you will see the message of "Healthy Air Travel and Stress Free Driving". I hesitated to write this information to public in the past, because I was afraid that I might give a negative impression about air travel. However, it is now a time for me to tell the truth.
There are many different types of radiation which forms a natural part of the environment where we live. Please see the chart below:

Reported by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

For example, during a round trip from Tokyo to New York, we suffer from the radiation of 200μSv.
After the occurrence of the Japanese Nuclear Power Plants problem, many foreigners flew back home. It means that they suffered from about 100μSv to return home whilst the reading of the environmental radioactivity level in Tokyo was 0.8μSv/h for a few hours after the hydrogen explosion at the Nuclear Power Plants in Fukushima. The figure of 0.8μSv/h was recorded only temporarily on March 15th and it became back normal to about 0.1μSv/h shortly.

Reported by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Immun'Age has several clinical papers which show that it can protect us from DNA damage.
As you may know, the 200μSv from a round trip from Tokyo to New York is not the dangerous amount, but when you are tiered or sick, you may have difficulty to recover from the DNA damage by radiation.
That is why we have been sending this message to protect us from the radiation damage.

If you are interested in more scientific information, please visit the website of Osato Research Institute. >>>>>

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