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Seven Immun' Âge pisten billies overwhelmed the ski slopes.


Seven Pisten at the Mt. Yakebitai Ski Resort are lined up. It's just spectacular.

From February 23 to 24, 2011, we joined the magazine ACT4 team's visit to the Shiga Kogen Prince Hotel to cover this area as an excellent ski resort. As soon as we arrived to the hotel, we finished a very quick meeting and rushed into the beautiful ski slope.
The view of the sunset from the top of the mountain was so gorgeous and beyond description that we all forgot about the cold.
The ski patrolmen were so friendly and they spoke affectionately about their ski slopes.
When we came down to the bottom of the ski slope, the pisten billies were about to start glooming. All the 7 pieten bullies with Immun' Âge logo lined up in a row and started preparing the slopes.
We were blessed with good weather and the cameraman did such a wonderful job. However, after the Act 4 magazine editor and the cameraman left, the weather was changing a lot with sudden snow storm or more than 20 cm fall of snow during one night .
Under such harsh environmental condition, we could get a brief glimpse of the hard work of people working there every day for the safety of their guests.
We were glad to see that Immun' Âge were helping them to keep their health condition.
Mt. Yakebi Shigakogen Ski Resort will be open until May.
You can enjoy skiing there even if it is the first time for your to ski, since they have a really good ski school. (I would guarantee it as a ski beginner who actually received their lesson!)

Now they start glooming slopes. Dependable patrolmen at Mt. Yakebitai
After morning assembly,
they start checking the slopes.
Ready to go!
With Ms. Mariko SATO, ACT4 editor Ms. SATO's interview with female ski patrol
Prince Hotel East wing looks fantastic as background.
This year marks 100th anniversary
of ski in Japan.
We learned about the history of ski
in Japan with Mr. Susumu Sugiyama,
principal of Sugiyama ski school in Okushiga.
JIGOKUDANI (Hell's Valley) Monkey Park is famous overseas as "Monkey Spa". 80% of the visitors are foreigners. They are the most international Japanese snow monkeys.
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