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The latest news from the 24 Hours Nürburgring 2013


24h Race Nürburgring 2013. May. 19-20


【24h Race Nürburgring 2013 Move Report】

The Nürburgring 24-hour endurance race usually begins on Saturday and ends on Sunday.  But this year it coincided with a national holiday in Germany, so the race started at 5:00 pm on Sunday and finished at 5:00 pm on Monday. When we arrived at the Frankfurt International Airport on May 16, Thursday, the temperature was only 5 to 8 degree C and it looked like it was going to rain at any moment. The weather made me worry about the race.

This year is the 100th Anniversary of Aston Martin, therefore they had many program of events planned for celebrating the centenary. On May 19, Sunday, more than 100 Aston Martin sports cars took to the beautiful road circuit of Nürburgring for a celebratory parade rap prior to the race. It was led by Daniel Craig, known for playing James Bond 007, at the wheel of Aston Martin DB5 as well as the CC100 Speedster Concept and DBR1.

1.24h-nuerburgring-2013-parade_001.jpg 2.AM-24-Rennen-low_res-47  (260x173).jpg
4.24h-nuerburgring-2013-parade_020 (260x173).jpg
5.24h-nuerburgring-2013-parade_024 (260x173).jpg 6.24h-nuerburgring-2013-parade_047 (260x173).jpg
7.24h-nuerburgring-2013-parade_072 (260x173).jpg 8.24h-nuerburgring-2013-parade_084 (260x173).jpg

The line-up of Aston Martin is Hybrid Hydrogen Rapide S, V12 Vantage, V8 Vantage and V12 Vantage GT3 of Aston Martin. With these four distinct models, Aston Martin Racing challenged for victory across four race classes in Nürburgring 2013.

On Saturday, in fair weather, Aston Martin qualified in second place for N24 in its V12 Vantage GT3 and surprised rival marques such as Porsche, Audi and Mercedes.

.5.DSC07195 (260x195).jpgVery fast car expected to be a winner,
 Aston Martin 007 GT3
.6.DSC07196 (260x195).jpgAero parts are also perfect

The Hybrid Hydrogen Rapide S, with both of a hydrogen fuel rail and gasoline tank, has a Hybrid Hydrogen twin-turbocharged 6.0-liter V12 engine capable of running using either gasoline, hydrogen or a combination of both. It was a point if it would become the first hydrogen-powered race car to compete and undertake zero CO2 emissions laps in an international race event of FIA.

.1.DSC07211 (260x195).jpgWith Director of Nürburgring
at Aston Martin on the grid
.2.DSC07092 (260x195).jpgRemarkable ZERO emission car Rapid S
Hydrogen Hybrid

It produces 560PS with gasoline、and a little less than 500PS with hydrogen, but it is very powerful with the maximum torque of 800 Nm with gasoline. 

This engine was developed out of a collaborative project between Aston Martion and Austrian hydrogen power specialist Alset Global.  It uses hydrogen for the 1.5 raps of 25km course of Nürburgring and automatically switches to use gasoline for 5 to 6 raps. The safety system was well-made and the engine was reliable.

V12 Vantage with a new engine was fantastic car ever. In the qualification, it was too fast and even recorded the longest distance jump at up and down of the course.

6.5 Nur 2013.jpg 6.51 Nur 2013.jpgV12 Vantage even recorded
the longest distance jump!!
It was featured  in the special edition of
"WOCHENSPIEGEL" magazine (page 52)
on June 19, 2013.
Shining yellow, V12 Vantage

 It could have won in SP8 class considering its speed but unfortunately had to take time to fix the electrical wiring connector in the mission which came off during the race.

 V8 Vantage was the most reliable car and we could watch the race without any worries.

.4.DSC07091 (260x195).jpgMost reliable partner, V8 Vantage

The race started at 5:00 PM on May 19. The start was OK but it started raining around 11:00PM and the circuit was wrapped in a dense fog.  The race was red flagged and stopped until 7:00AM.

.13.DSC07262 (260x195).jpgrain after rain on the following day

.12.DSC07253 (260x195).jpg7-hours of suspension due to
the heavy rain 
It's about two at night having little
rest and meal

The race was re-started, but it did not stop raining. The temperature was 6 degree C during the day and Aston Martin GT3 had difficulty with rain tyres and ended in 10th position overall. 

Rapid S Hydrogen Hybrid gained special victory in Class, V12 Vantage finished in the 5thin class taking time with the issue, and V8 Vantage finished in the 3rd in Class. 

In its centenary year, the eyes of all the staff of Aston Martin were sparkling with the excitement of challenge for the new technologies as well as the announcement of a new model. 

We can not take our eyes off Aston Martin this year.

【24h Race Nürburgring 2013 Photo Report】

Snap shots during the Nürburgring 24-hour endurance race 

.7.DSC07121 (260x195).jpg
Meeting just before the race

.8.DSC07322 (260x195) (146x195).jpgHelmet of Driver, Mr. Darren Turner
.9.DSC07222 (260x195) (146x195).jpg Heltmet of Mr. Katsura who 
was an only Japanese driver
.10.DSC07244 (260x195).jpg Pit was too busy because of sudden rain Rain tyres
.14.DSC07267 (260x195).jpg Getting closer to the goal .15.DSC07269 (260x195).jpg The ladies are so lively.
.16.DSC07282 (260x195).jpg Dr. Bez, waiting for his stint of driving .17.DSC07312 (260x195).jpg The last fueling
.18.DSC07361 (260x195).jpg Mr. Katsura feeling relieved after his stint
With the ALSET CEO
.19.DSC07358 (260x195).jpg Celebrating the moment of
the goal with everybody there
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